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DSLR Camera


My name is Alison Johnson.  If I ever give up my day job, I would like to be a photographer.  I love taking pictures of all sorts of subjects.  I particularly enjoy taking pictures of people, children (especially my children), nature, animals and places I travel.  What I like most about my photography is looking back over photos I have taken and capturing the same feeling as I had the moment I took the picture.  I get to "re-sentient" or "re-feel" the snapshot in time.  I hope you enjoy the moments which I have recorded as photos and feel some of the pleasure I experienced  when taking them.

Some Oldies But Goodies

Once I decided to make a website it was a little overwhelming to sort through all my photos that I have taken over the years.  I thought perhaps I should only post  new photos going forwards - many of the photos from ten years or more ago were taken with a low resolution camera.  However, there are some real faves among the old photos, so I decided to give them a new lease on life and compile a slide-show.    In most of the galleries, there is a slide-show of the subject matter.  Enjoy!

Grungy Camera Brown
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